My current research interests span a number of subjects. I am continuing my interest in finance, working especially on the use of space and time by financial markets. My other longstanding interest – in the history of time – is also continuing.

International Finance

Currently, this involves work on the consolidation of income streams in order to produce new borrowing opportunities.

Cities and political life

With Ash Amin, I am writing a new book on how urban policies might be reinvented in order to produce new kinds of hybrid, which are more active and more democratic.

Non-representational theory

Non-representational theory is intended to produce practical political supplements that will enliven events. In particular, I am concentrating on the intersection with performance.

Affective politics

Here I have become interested in the new affective technologies doing the rounds in western democracies, and what they might portend.

The history of time and the construction of events

Specifically, I am interested in three areas: clocks and clock time, the address, and how new forms of movement space have come about. Paul Glennie and I have recently completed a book on the subject, the outcome of more than ten years of concerted research.

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